Eivind Sudmann Larssen

EIVIND SUDMANN LARSSEN (born 1984) is a Norwegian author and poet. After his debut novel in 2014 he has published the critically acclaimed End. Home. (2017), After this we will always be apart (2018) and Equal shares (2020).

End. Home. and Equal shares were both declared one of the year’s best books by the Norwegian national newspaper VG the year they came out.

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2020     Equal Shares
2018     After this we will always be apart
2017     End. Home.
2014     Nobody longs for Edward Niema


equal shares


He has put his family above all else. He has created what seems to be a solid and predictable life, but when his safe world still falls apart, he has to reconsider the family story he thought would be his forever. What kind of life has he led? And do you really get anything back for adapting to what other people want?

Equal shares is a powerful novel where a family’s inner life is exposed through an open exploration of memory. Passion, birth, death, divorce – sure, life consists of great and tumultuous incidents, but in the end, maybe it is the details that matters the most.

«Masterful storytelling»
Frode Thuen, A-Magasinet.


After this we will always be apart


A photographer goes back to her childhood home to find herself after a long term relationship comes to a traumatic end.

A writer is on his way to his mother’s funeral. A sudden meeting with a childhood sweetheart puts everything at risk. 

After this we will always be apart is a gripping novel about big events in small lives. It is a story about trying to stand firm in a life that is off balance, and how our lives often is connected in surprising ways.

«Brilliantly executed, […] thoroughly thought-provoking»
Tine Sundal (book review blog)


end. home.


He loses his partner and child in a car accident. He is left alone in a house where all things are reminders of them. 

End. Home. is a beautiful and philosophical collection of poems about love, loneliness and memory.

«The language and the composition is masterfully done”
– Arne Hugo Stølan


nobody longs for Edward Niema


When the elderly actuary, Edward Niema, approaches the church regarding his wife’s passing, he is told that everything is already taken care of. The only thing he must decide is the choice of music. Soon it is made clear that Edward’s wife has kept certain things secret – the type of secrets that lead him swiftly toward an uncertain life, and offers he finds it hard to refuse.  

Nobody longs for Edward Niema is an original and quirky debut novel about loss and temptation – and that it is never too late to become the main character in one’s own life.

«A striking tale of a person’s experiences with loneliness”
– Audun Mosevoll, Dagen

photo of all 4 books stacked


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